Why Trap Naturally?

Trap Natural Premium Rolling Papers are designed with the CONSCIOUS SMOKER in mind.

...The smoker that is aware AND concerned about what they place in their bodies and how it truly affects the enviroment in which they live.

Our premium rolling papers are:

đŸŒ±100% Pure Unbleached Hemp - Chemical Free

đŸŒ±100% Vegan - Arabic Gum Adhesive

đŸŒ±Biodegradable - Plant Based

đŸŒ±Sustainably Farmed

❀ Made with Love

Our premium papers are a natural and healthier alternative to other brands that contain nicotine and other harmful and unnecessary chemicals.

You'll taste and feel the difference!

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Trap Natural "Flower Tower" Grinder

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This is the ULTIMATE Grinder!! 

All you have to do is place your Trap Natural Pre-rolled cone in the bottom piece of the grinder, close it up, grind up your materials and your work is DONE! The grinder packs the cone FOR YOU! 

It is so easy and a MUST have!


6.5" tall or 163mm / 4 pieces total (grinder, lid and holder) / Plastic